Context is intelligent feature management built on top of Segment. Integrate in minutes, grow from simple feature gates to complex experiments and user targeting.

Features + Segment = Context

You're heavily invested in your product analytics stack. You should be able to use the hundreds of events and properties you already track to release features safely, run experiments, and target users.

Feature Gating

Empower your whole team to control your product while keeping them in sync. Feature gating is the foundation of how Context integrates into your applications. Decouple your deployment and release cycles and get the safety you need to move fast and sleep well at night.


Know you're building the right product faster. Democratize data driven decisions by allowing anyone to test their hypotheses without external resources. Once you add Context's feature gates, experiments are automatically available so that you can seamlessly adapt your workflow as your team evolves.

User Targeting

Selectively release features based on any property, without extra integration. From getting feedback from beta users to building personas on top of your product data, refine your product faster by leveraging the data you already collect.
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